From the recording Powerless

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Written and composed by: Ajay Srivastav
Produced by: Ajay Srivastav and Michael Smith
Mixed by: Michael Smith
Recorded at: RYP Recording Studio London
Mastered by: Jason Mitchell at LOUD
Vocals, Guitars & Harmonica: Ajay Srivastav
Tabla: Vinod Kerai
Drums: Michelle Myrie
Upright Bass: Daniel Selway
String Arrangement: Dr Patrick Nunn
String Quartet on ‘The Path’ and ‘Count Your Blessings’: Lydia Alonso (Cello); Katya Lazareva (Viola); Aleksandra Galfe (Violin) and Iryna Glyebova (Violin)


Take one moment of your life to think
Cos it may be over in just one blink
Of an eye and all the while
You’re waiting for it all to start
So count your blessings, before you count
The beats of your heart

While you were crying over yesterday
You never felt the love that came your way
Oh why regret your steps?
When you can look up to the sky
So count your blessings, before you count
The tears in your eyes

And when colours turn to grey
Look inside and find your way
And remember always,
Nothing is forever

Next time you’re lost and don’t know what to do
Remember someone’s hurting more than you
So it don’t matter if it’s rain
Or the shining sun
Count your blessings
And name them one by one