1. Holy Mother

From the recording Powerless

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Music and Lyrics by Ajay Srivastav
Produced by: Ajay Srivastav and Michael Smith
Mixed by: Michael Smith
Recorded at: RYP Recording Studio London
Mastered by: Jason Mitchell at LOUD
Vocals, Guitars & Harmonica: Ajay Srivastav
Tabla: Vinod Kerai
Drums: Michelle Myrie
Upright Bass: Daniel Selway
Solo violin: Kartik Raghunathan


I come to you innocent, bless me as your child
I come to you an orphan, keep me within your tide
Holy water will you raise me up to be the one I can be
Holy mother will you hold me close and then set me free

I come to you in anger, save me with your grace
I come to you when I need, to feel the warmth of your embrace
Holy water will you keep the secrets and the lies that bind me
Holy mother will you give me hope to live the days I can’t see

I come to you in silence, when my heart is dry
I come to you for redemption, carry me home tonight
Holy water will you wash away my sins and purify me
Holy mother will you clean my soul and sanctify me

Hare, hare gange