Karmic Blues by Ajay Srivastav - out now! order below.

Karmic Blues by Ajay Srivastav - out now! order below.

Ajay Srivastav is a singer/songwriter and guitar player whose music flows from the banks of Delta Blues to the sacred rivers of Indian folk. Lyrically he mixes the personal with the spiritual, forever bouncing between doubt and faith. Ajay's music is raw, passionate and uplifting.

A seasoned live performer, Ajay has gigged at legendary venues such as The Jazz Café, The Queen Elizabeth Hall and the Royal Albert Hall. His introspective, laid-back style and spiritual/meditative lyrics transcends traditional musical borders and is winning him audiences up and down the country. 

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Gorgeous stuff!”

— BBC Three Counties Radio

His new collection of songs, Karmic Blues is such a breath of fresh air – normally, a reviewer might say “for fans of…” but in this case, nothing sounds like it or feels like it. And ‘feels’ is an important word in the context of this album, because rarely have I ever heard a body of work suffused with such spirituality. A bold experiment, and one of the most unusual and inventive albums I’ve heard for many years.”

— Tap The Feed online magazine

An intrepid journey to the spaces between folk, blues, psychedelica, and traditional Indian music that hits all the right notes.”

— Adobe & Teardrops

Deep down there is a trance like quality to both musical styles that are wedded together so well here. Ajay has a wonderful playing style on his resonator guitar, and this is where the real synthesis lies. It is also what makes the album a real pleasure.”


Quite simply sublime, the album Karmic Blues is one of the best releases of 2019.”

— Rock Radio UK